Whitetail Wallpaper

Our whitetail wallpaper section offers a growing selection of whitetail deer pictures that are suitable for desktop images or computer desktop backgrounds for those who like to have a little bit of the outdoors on their computer.

To place a big whitetail buck on your desktop click the thumbnail image of the whitetail deer you like below. The larger version will open in a new window. Right click on that larger image and choose your option. In Firefox browsers the prompt Set As Desktop Background and using Internet Explorer the typical prompt will read Set as background. That should put your favorite big whitetail buck as your computer background image.

About James L. Bruner

James grew up in an outdoor family and recalls some of his first memories outdoors with his father. “I remember being very young and my dad carrying me on his shoulders out to the duck blind where a cold day of watching decoys dipping on the waves was complimented by the time spent together.” In the years that followed, moments like those were played time and again in a number of outdoor activities that included rabbit hunting, fishing, deer hunting, grouse hunting, and of course more waterfowling. View Entire Bio