Dedicated To The Outdoors

About Us

Water and Woods was formed in the fall of the year 2000. The original intention was to provide a chatroom for people interested in the outdoors to congregate and share their knowledge and ideas. After a short time the chatroom was scrapped and we began to supply outdoor information relevant to the outdoors. This information turned into a community of people sharing their ideas and in general supporting the outdoors.

As fate would have it we have seen our share of pitfalls but also made some great steps forward in helping support and promote the outdoors. In May of 2004 we lost a great deal of information due to a mechanical malfunction and unprecedented sequence of events. These areas included our forum and many pages of material. As we began to rebuild we looked forward to coming back stronger with more interactive elements for community members and a growing database of new information.

We ran a community based website for 3 years with some very interactive elements that became an obvious attraction which complimented our online magazine. In time our online magazine took front and center stage due to quality articles from a growing group of staff authors and a strong response from the public. true to fashion, in order for one area to shine another will begin to fade. This became evident when our community forums began to lack in general participation. We made a very heartfelt decision in the fall of 2007 to give the forums another full year of promotion before we pulled the plug and rebuilt the entire site into what you are viewing here today.

In 2011 we scuttled the online magazine venue and rebuilt the website on the foundation of information we have put together with contributions and staff writers through the years. We continue to build on that foundation and move forward with the times that are constantly changing.

What the whole community comes down to is supporting the Outdoors together. By contributing to the site you will be helping preserve the outdoors as we know it. We do not push members to sign petitions or write their representatives but we do urge this type of action when a general response from the outdoor community is essentail to the preservation of what we enjoy. Often we supply the information needed directly on these webpages to alert individuals residing in certain states of actions that they should be aware of through our news feeds and editorial news pieces. It is then in your hands to take appropriate measures. Your voice and opinions speak many times over for generations of outdoorsmen and women to come. If you dont feel the need to get involved for yourself, do it for your children who are just beginning to enjoy the Great Outdoors. Welcome to Water and Woods.