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Below are some of the questions we receive on a regular basis.

I used to be registered and now cannot find the registration area!
As noted in our updates before the site was rebuilt, there are no member privelages anymore thus there is no registration process. You can comment on news subjects, articles, and some general pages by simply using the comment box found below all the content that allows commenting. Keep in mind that comments with links are automatically deleted by the system or, if the comment is flagged, it may require manual moderating before it can be published.

Can I put any of your articles on my own website?
No. All articles are protected by copyright laws which prohibit their use or distribution in any form without previous consent from either Water and Woods or the original author. If you are interested in syndicating an article please contact us from the contact page. Likewise, if you were to submit an article for inclusion within the website, that was not your own material, we would work with the proper authorities in pursuance of legal action to help protect the rights of the original author.

Can I take some of the pictures from the site?
The majority of graphics and photos found at Water and Woods are copyright protected and not free for use to the public. We have designated areas where we release previously used photos that are now considered public property. See our main menu for the navigation or view the photo release area for images that have currently been released in a smaller resoltuion format. All other material should be deemed protected unless noted otherwise.

Can I submit News and Articles directly to the website?
All news and article submissions are reviewed by the staff before posting to the site. If your news or article is not deemed appropriate it will be discarded. Consequently we typically delete news submissions from individual businesses trying to promote their own product or website. Our news is replicated on hundreds of websites the moment it is posted. We’re not looking to start a billboard of advertisement. The main page of the website will reproduce everything we post which will rotate older news, articles, and website additions once new material has been posted. If you are looking for a venue that caters specifically to posting news and press releases related to the outdoors, try our network website at Outdoor News Daily for a uniquely targeted audience.

Why do the links I leave on the site get deleted?
This isnt a place to promote your site or your buddies website. If you want advertisement we have a system in place for purchasing exposure. Our system will automatically delete any comments that contain link(s) regardless of who writes them.

My comment or reply got deleted. Why?
Link dropping is the number one reason for comments being deleted. Although the system will automatically delete comments with links there are people who will attempt to drive traffic to their site through more obscure methods which we won’t elaborate on. Also, your comment may have been deleted due to a word filter that is in place. There’s no need to publish the list of offensive filtered words but, if your post contained a word that may have contained a version of a filtered word, the system would delete it.

Why don’t you allow image tags, website links, and signatures?
Abuse. Plain and simple.

If you were searching for a specific answer and didnt find it here please feel free to use our contact page for further assistance.