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Keeping Track Of Summer Bucks

summer buck in velvet

Keeping Track Of Summer Bucks by T.R. Michels Too often I hear of whitetail hunters waiting to scout until about two weeks before the season. If you want to find out which bucks are out there, and where they are, two weeks of scouting is just not enough time. Fall scouting should actually begin in […]

Circumstances Affect Gobbling

wild turkey hunting

Since the first week of April I had heard turkeys gobbling in the woods across from the house, but my license wasn’t good until mid-April. Not being able to hunt I had to be content to listen to the birds, and watch them feeding in the corn field south of the barn where the neighboring […]

Small Streams For Big Brookies

brook trout underwater

I fish a lot of different ecosystems and each offers a uniquely cathartic skill level of throwing out a bait of some sort and waiting for a strike. It’s great fun but not always a viable option. Especially when it comes to small streams and creeks and even smaller waterways that aren’t classified because they’re […]

The Bait Shop Chronicles


The old painted hardwood floor was slick as ice when wet, and due for another coating of sand before someone came along and broke their ass. But that was a risk you took. Well that and the possibility of choking to death or dealing with a life altering injury due to a sharp instrument connecting […]