Legendary Wolf Stories

Wolves are so richly embedded in our history and culture that it’s hardly a surprise that so many stories became socially accepted about certain wolves. And the wolves weren’t always the big bad scary creature. Back in the day they were considered fair game for their thick furs which brought a nice price at the trading post. And those that preyed on cattle and farm animals were named and hunted to their death as the folklore of wolves continued to draw strong criticism regarding their behavior and their encroachment of human properties.

It doesn’t matter if you curse out loud or feel a sense of well-being when a wolf breaks into a howl under the moonlight. These stories tell the tale of some legendary wolves.

Snowdrift wolf caught in leg trap The History Of Wolves
In The Beginning
The Outlaws Part 1
The Custer Wolf
To Follow His Trail
On Their Journey Back
Three Toes
Badlands Billy
When Billy Went Back To His Mountain
Ghost Wolf And Snowdrift
Raggs The Digger
The Beginnings Of Another Outlaw
The Bounty Hunters
Wolf Attacks
Co-Existing With Wolves
When We Become The Hunted
When We Become The Hunted Part 2
We Have Become The Hunted

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