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Illustrated Fly Tying Lessons

It’s an art form for many fishermen and an impossible task for many others. While patience and attention to detail are key components to becoming an efficient fly-tyer there’s no substitute for experience and the understanding of the local creepy crawlies that trout call dinner.

Whether they are graceful winged emergence just beginning a new life or a nymph scuttling along the surface they attract the attention of the hungry trout below. These lessons will give you plenty of ideas, knowledge, and most of all a basic benchmark to learn from and strive towards in your quest to learn to tie your own flies.

Swinger Fly pattern
Akls Fur Comet
How To Tie The Sili-Skin-Scud
The Stickelback Egg Fry Pattern
The Marengo Minnow Fly Pattern
The Breathing Dragon Fly Tying Lesson
The Wet Fly Swing For Trout
A Fly For The Holidays
Better Buggers Fly Pattern
Saltwater Flies And Bass
Lemays Big Eye Tarpon Fly
The Stork Fly Tying Pattern
Super Spawn Fly Tying Lesson
Borskis Mangrove Critter Fly Pattern
Egg Sucking Leach Fly Pattern
Puglisi Perfect Minnow Fly
Red Baron Epoxy Minnow
FC Zonker Minnow Fly Pattern
Royal Wulff Fly Pattern
Little Witchy Fly Pattern
Whitlocks Hare Jig
Parachute Adams Fly Pattern
Flash Crystal Bugger Fly Pattern
Micro Mayfly Tying Lesson
The Cockroach tarpon Fly
Mini Puffs Fly Tying Lesson
Simple Spey Fly Pattern
Flying Ant Tying Lesson
Puglisi Peanut Butter Fly Pattern
EC Cutter Caddis Fly Pattern


  1. Spey Slayer
    April 7, 2011    

    This is my new home away from home. I’m a long time fly fisherman but a brand new baby when it comes to tying flies. This will help out a lot and there’s no guesswork. Cool and Thanks.

  2. Garett Svir
    March 29, 2012    

    Great section! A lot of great fly recipes available here.