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Slingshot Hunting

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Last year when I was bowhunting and would get bored. I bought myself a slingshot. I tried the 1/4in shot and finally went to the 3/8in shot. Anyway, almost every day I had a couple of grouse come in to my stand and I would try to pick them off with slingshot. Needless to say I wasn’t able to hit the bird, but it made time go by. I even tried using the bow a couple of times, that is one small target. Has anyone else tried something different besides the shotgun?

They are hard enough to hit with a shotgun, nope never tried any other way.

I have had success on several grouse with the bow, one red squirrel, and a half dozen rabbits. Its a challenge to get a clear shot for sure but take a moment to think about the target. When I am grouping arrows in the yard they are grouped much tighter than the size of a partridge or bunny. With a clear shot why shouldnt I be able to nail one of these small game animals? I never really thought of it any other way. Maybe when shooting at a whitetail people recognize that there is a small margin for error?

As far as the slingshots go thats another story. We use to call them wrist-rockets in my days. We plinked, or tired to plink, for days on end with iron ore pellets we use to pick up from the railroad tracks. Shot at a lot of birds, ducks, rabbits, and other critters but I dont remember every killing one. Would have probably been better off throwing the pellet at them.