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Forum Addiction

Forum Addiction by Lyndon Combs
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I am going to have to admit that I am addicted. They say the first step to solving a problem is to admit the problem, so I have taken the first step in this article. Yes I am a gun forum addict. This is a problem I know that many of you can understand. I have at least registered at most of the major gun forums on the web. I post regularly at many of the forums. I just can’t get enough, but I never could get enough gun talk, and I get plenty on the forums.

This brings me to another question on my path to a cure if what I really want is to stop the forums, is that what I really need? I have had ups and downs, but do I really want to give up my addiction? Does the good outweigh the bad?

Like I said, I have always loved guns and anything to do with the subject. The ease that information, and the sheer volume of it, that can be found on the Internet is amazing. It is like no other tool the gun community has ever had available to them. A way to reach millions in the fight for the second amendment. A way to reach consumers about recalls like never before. A way to communicate that our fore fathers could have never imagined.

I have always been an information junkie. I think that the more educated a person is the better he can debate the issues, and to give advice on any given subject. So the Internet is a must in the modern gun community, but do I need to visit every forum I find? This is the first topic to address in the process of a cure.

When I was younger, local gun shops were friendlier, and more abundant. I would spend a great deal of time looking through the selection of guns, and join in the gun talk. In a way nothing has changed, I have had an addiction for most of my life. I have enjoyed a great deal of that time, but with the changing times those days in the local gun shops is almost gone. So maybe this addiction to gun forums is just the same old lifestyle just with a modern twist?

I now have gone so far as to start my own forum to talk about the topics that are most important in my way of thinking, but even with my own forum I still visit as many as I can. I have at least five Yahoo groups now, and still I am thirsting for more gun talk. You know what? As I sit here at two in the morning typing this, I realize I got it good. Hell I am free to follow my passion in any way I like due to the first amendment, and the second amendment. I am coming to the conclusion, and maybe I am in denial, I don’t want to ever stop talking guns. I am going to have to pick a few forums, and post on them the most. I am not strong enough to stop visiting everyone I find on the net. I am an addict activist for the issue of guns. I just need to face the fact, and have all the fun I can.

I hope this isn’t to much of a rambling, sleepy eyed rant, but you clicked on the site. Maybe you are as addicted as I.

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