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FC Zonker Minnow

FC Zonker Minnow by Jason Akl
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A decade or so ago a skilled fly tyer named Dan Byford combined an old classic fish catching material with a modern synthetic and came up with a truly unique swimming action bait fish fly, the zonker minnow. His fly was an instant success, and over the years has accounted for many species of fresh water game fish being caught by anglers all over the world. The FC Zonker minnow is based on these uniquely constructed flies using Mylar tubing to create a realistic looking body and rabbit strips and rubber legs to provide the swimming component for the fly.

The FC Zonker minnow pattern is designed to mimic shiny baitfish and get fish to strike repeated with their sultry movement in the water. Any mid-size toothy critters such as Trout, Salmon, Bass, Stripers, Tarpon, and Snook will freely take this patterns so carrying a few with you in various colors no matter what type of water you will be fishing is always a good idea. Fish these like all other streamers but don’t be afraid to throw in a few timely strips of line to get the fly dancing throughout the water column.

Materials used in the FC Zonker Minnow

Hook: TMC Streamer Size 4
Thread: White Uni-thread Size 6/0
Body: Pearl Mylar
Head: White Thread/ Stick on Eyes/ 5-Minute Epoxy
Beard: Black Zonker Fur
Tail: Black Zonker Strip
Legs: White Rubber Strips

1. Start this fly by placing the hook into the vice upside down and securing it in place tightly. Attach the thread behind the hook eye and wrap down the hook shank until you reach the point above the barb. Onto the hook shank place a small piece of metal tape and cut off the shape edges of the metal tape. Attach a small slip of cream yarn and wrap the yarn around the hook shank until the metal tape is completely covered. Slide the pearl Mylar over the yarn body and tie down the one side with the thread, at the point above the barb. Whip finish the thread at this point then reattach it at the front of the fly. Pull the Mylar forward creating a smooth body for the fly and then tie off the front edge of the Mylar.

2. Cut a 3-inch section from the zonker strip and spear it over the hook point, leaving about 1 inch for a tail. Run a small bead of super glue or epoxy along the topside of the Mylar then place the zonker strip down into it. Tie off the end of the zonker strip at the tie down point of the Mylar body. Tie in 1 doubled over strand of white round elastic legging material to each side of the fly.

3. Clip a small bunch of the zonker fur and spin it a dubbing loop to create a small fur hackle. Wrap this hackle around the hook shank a few times pulling the fibers to the bottom of the hook shank. Whip finish the head and cement.

4. Attach eyes to the sides of the flies head and give a coat of epoxy to hold things in place securely.

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