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Puglisi Perfect Minnow

Puglisi Perfect Minnow by Jason Akl
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If you are looking for that killer minnow pattern for this upcoming fishing season then look no further. The Puglisi Perfect Minnow is everything the name says it is and more. These special streamer flies are as good as it gets when you are trying to imitate live baitfish. Their shape, color and action make them irresistible to almost any large predatory fish that swims.

The Perfect Minnow series of flies are created with translucent fiber that was originated by Enrico Puglisi specifically for use in tying large saltwater streamer patterns. This unique fiber in the water behaves like a mix between marabou and bucktail; breathing and swimming with every strip of the line. Additionally this fiber sheds water rather than absorbing it, helping to keep large flies lightweight and easy to cast especially in windy conditions. The best part to these flies is that they are relatively simple and quick to tie giving you more time to spend on the water rather than behind the bench.
Materials Used in the Perfect Minnow

Hook: Tiemco Streamer Hook Size 4
Thread: Uni-thread white 6/0
Body: Piglisi EP Silky Fibers
Gills: Red permanent marker
Eyes: 3D Molded Eyes

1 Start this fly by placing the hook into the vice and securing it tightly. Attach the thread behind the hook eye and wrap down the hook shank with thread until you reach the halfway point on the shank. Clip a small bunch of white EP silky fiber and tie them onto the bottom of the hook shank, if using a rotary vice then invert the hook and tie in the fibers. Clip a second smaller bunch of white EP fiber and tie it on to the topside of the hook shank. With your bodkin or stiff bristle dubbing brush comb out the fibers towards the rear of the fly.

2 Select a small bunch of chartreuse EP fibers and tie them on to the top of the white EP fibers. Use your bodkin or comb again and brush out the fibers. This combing action should be removing some of the tied in hair, gently melding the white and chartreuse colors. Create a small neat head for the fly then whip finish and cement the head. Onto each of the sides of the fly epoxy one of the molded eyes. With a red permanent market color a small strip onto the bottom of the fly simulating a gill strip.

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