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Think About This

Think About This by Lyndon Combs
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I remember a post on a forum that I used to frequent about only being able to own six guns in certain countries. I forget where the man was from what country, but the thought stuck in my head. How horrible it would be to have to choose six guns to keep out of my collection. As a collector, and a hunter that owns many guns this really worries me the thought of having to go through not only guns that are valued by me for the monetary reasons, but the many guns I own that have sentimental value. Guns that have been given to me by people, guns that I used on some of my first hunts, guns that have saved my life. The first pistol I ever shot is still in my cabinet. Could I really pick only six guns? Could you?.

Think about this- six guns, and only six guns. It doesn’t matter to the ones who demand that you turn them over that the guns are family heirlooms, or if they are of high monetary value.

Think about this- say your great grandfather owned a Winchester rifle, and it has been passed down to you, you also have five other guns that have been given to you by your wife, family for Christmas or a birthday, maybe you also have the rifle your father gave you as your first gun. Which would you turn over to be thrown in a furnace, or to be cut up into pieces? We all have seen what happened in Australia.

Those of you that think with the head more than with the heart think about this – you have a collection of Winchester rifles that contains twelve guns worth $5,000.00 each, and this is your whole collection. Do you really want to throw $30,000.00 into a furnace?

I am sitting looking at my gun cabinet as I write this article, and I see no gun I am willing to turn over to anyone for destruction.

This brings me to another post I remember. I have heard many talk about sensible gun laws. Those that preach this mantra are missing the big picture, that changing the first ten amendments of the Constitution is a very slippery and dangerous slope. One false move and the freedoms we enjoy fall by the wayside. Freedom isn’t always taken sometimes it is given away. Don’t be stupid, or naive the ones that are fighting to take our guns in America don’t just want to limit you to six. They want to take all of them. They just want them handed over for destruction. I know many are thinking that this is just paranoia, well do you smoke? Do you eat a food that the state of New York says is wrong? Do you read a magazine that states like Kentucky, Tennessee, and others deem wrong? Do you own a gun that is mentioned on the assault weapons ban? My 10/22 is mentioned.

Since 1967 the rights of gun owners has been infringed upon more and more with every liberal administration. It has been allowed by many in the political talking head brigade that elitist liberals, decide what is best for you, and your families. Is it so farfetched that the guns we own could be taken? We could not just give up six guns, but all. Just given away to new laws, and with them the freedom we enjoy. Freedom of speech, religion, peaceable assembly and all ten of the amendments that make up the Bill Of Rights are all one insurance policy for our freedom.

I hear many gun owners talk of guns as only being a tool. I have never thought this way. I cherish my guns, not just for sentimentality, or the all mighty dollar. I cherish them for the freedom they represent. The Second Amendment is the bond that keeps the Bill Of Rights together. If the second amendment had not been written into the Bill Of Rights, the freedom the fore fathers had hoped to insure would not have survived. We all need to come together as one group to hold on to our rights, cherish them, and protect them. Open your eyes, and see the truth. Think about this – think about how you are going to stop them from taking the other nine rights guaranteed by the Bill Of Rights when you hand over your guns? Ask Politely?

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