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Prohibition Does Not Work

Prohibition Does Not Work by Lyndon Combs
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This article may seem like more of a rant, but I take the subject very serious, as many of you should. History has proven this method of control will not work. It has never worked, and for those of us who listen to lessons time has taught- it never will work.

At no time in the history of the world has there been a drug free society, or a time of absolute world peace. Both are pipe dreams. You will always have people that look to substances to free them from their troubles. Absolute peace is never possible; As long as you have two people of different backgrounds, ideas, and values you are going to see conflict arise. Evil has always been present in society. There will always be people who wish to prey on others for profit.

Prohibition only creates a new way for them to profit. If you go to a market, and they will not sell milk because they feel it is wrong, and unhealthy due to fat. What would you do to have that milk? Go to another market? What happens if a criminal needs a gun? What if a person wants to escape their troubles? What are they going to do if they can’t find a legal market?

The drug problem in America, has the prohibition of Marijuana stopped it’s growth?

The prohibition of alcohol, did it stop the flow of booze?

Has the passing of numerous anti-gun laws stopped crime?

When you stop a person from buying something legally someone will be willing, ready, and able to prey upon them, and take their money.
You only create a market for those that have evil in their heart by demonizing objects, acts, substances, or ideas. It is a case of supply, and demand. You cannot legislate morality. In the human heart, evil will grow, and when a person seeks to do wrong you go after those as individuals. Not society as a whole. A free society does not rely on the Government to control its citizens. Freedom is being able to make your own decisions, and to face the consequences of those decisions, good or bad.

If the practice of prohibition is allowed to continue the future citizens of America are only going to have two choices to make. They will sit on a fence, a tightrope with good on one side, and evil on the other.

We all have this in us now, but for them it will be a way of life that will be dictated to them one way or the other. No middle ground. The divide is already present a left over tumor from the years when the bootleggers ruled under the laws of liquor prohibition. Those that choose to indulge, and those that wish to stop them from that indulgence. We are not perfect but we can learn from the occasional mistake, and not have the hammer slammed on our heads, but as citizens of a society that continues to hand over our freedom as free thinking individuals to the Government we will eventually run out of freedoms to hand over to the Government, and without a way to take up arms, and fight back we will stop being free thinking individuals, and become subjects of the Government.

When you close your eyes to history you are bound to repeat mistakes. America needs to look at its past mistakes, and stop repeating the very same mistake over, and over again. The use of prohibiting certain ideas, objects, substances, or acts does not work.

We have seen the drug problem, sexual addiction, and crime only grow under prohibition. It didn’t work in the past, it is not working now, and it will not work in the future. Our fore fathers knew this fact. That is why they wrote the Bill Of Rights.

The preacher
The gun activist
The shooter
The pornographer
The writers
The poets
The civil rights leader
The painter
The pothead
The hunter
The average Joe on the street
The gay community
The woman’s rights groups

All of these professions, life styles, and groups of citizens are in the same boat. Someone wants to take something away from us we hold as a right. Those that indulge in these activities are all after the same thing. We are working towards the same goal. The freedom to live our lives as we wish under our own moral code, our own beliefs, and not have another group’s morals force-fed to us. To be free to play as we wish. To be able to face the world without any consequences of exercising our freedom as Americans, as free thinking ADULT human beings. We want to do so without being banned as part of society. To live in a world where we can make decisions for ourselves without the hand of the Government telling us it is OK. This is the reason we need to open our eyes, and join together in an atmosphere of tolerance and recognition of the others rights. We need to come together to fight for the Bill Of Rights as a whole complete document. One chain of words that gives us a way of securing the freedom we crave. This is the answer. Prohibition is not the answer. It does not work. I will climb off my pulpit made of an old soapbox, but think about what I have written in this article. Prohibition does not work for any society.

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