Dedicated To The Outdoors

From The Editor January 2010

From The Editor - Kevin Gardner

In the distance a dim light shines through the window of a log cabin. The steady falling snow brightens the landscape as the twilight shade of blue closes in on a winter’s night. Drawing closer with each step the form of the wood piled on the front porch takes form and the soft flow of smoke that rises slowly from the chimney into the crisp cold air leaves the scent of a warming wood fire. Inside a warm chair sits next to the fireplace where outstretched legs can bring feet to within a toasty range of the glowing embers.

A brandy glass sits on the stand nearby, a couple of ice cubes soaking in a fine Sherry that will warm its way over the lips on its satisfying trip over the taste buds. A flannel checkered blanket thrown over sore and over-worked legs, makes a perfect place to rest the medium that houses quiet and thought provoking reading entertainment for this comfy winters eve. Thank God for laptops and the internet!

Welcome to the January 2010 issue of the Water and Woods Online Magazine. We have worked to compile a lineup of material that we think you will enjoy. In this issue we have some excellent advice about caring for one of your most important tools in the outdoors, your own two feet. There is musky fishing advice that will open quite a few opportunities for success, a story about a nose to nose encounter with a wounded javelina, a little bit of griping about the state of affairs in customer service and a bow review for the little guys that want to be just like the big guys.

As always I would like to thank the Staff Authors as well as all of those in the background that make this magazine happen, for their patience and hard work to bring you the best of the outdoors.