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Samick Angel Mini Takedown Bow Review

Samick Angel Mini Takedown Bow Review by Pete Ward
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When the bows arrived I was surprised and delighted at the package. It included 3 1/4″ arrows, a hip quiver made from heavy nylon, a small display stand, and a nice strung padded recurve case that is just the right size to hold everything.

The Angel is a real little scaled down recurve. The limbs are black glass over a wood core. The laminated riser looks great. It does have some marks in the wood from where someone slipped while making the riser. This is not a concern at all. For the price of this package I think we should expect less than perfection. The limbs bolt on with a single limb bolt that has all the looks of an adult 3-piece bow. There is not an aligning pin for the limbs, but with the light draw weight, and the clear limb pads the limbs do not move.

The size of the throat in the grip is only 3″ around. Not much different than a 25 cent coin. Usually we cannot find a tiny tots bow that they can handle. The Angel tips the scale at a whopping 7 ounces. The 3 year olds can easily hold these tiny bows without being overcome by the size and physical weight.

I did have to test shoot the bows. They really spit out the small arrows when I drew them back to the full 17″. Kids want an arrow to go far, and stick into something. These will do both. When I drew it, it is clear that they are made for the young ones. They are very light draws until we get to about 14″ then they start to get stronger. I like this because the kids need to be able to pull it back in order to shoot.

I have not seen the 1 piece model; I do expect that it is similar in quality and function.

The only thing I think can be better is the nocks on the arrows. They are to wide in the throat for the small string. They look like an adult carbon arrow nock slipped over the shaft. Proper glue on 1/4″ nocks are available that will fit the string better. I use these to make up kid arrows from 1/4″Ramin shafts.

The cost to make a dozen 1/4″ Ramin arrows to fit these bows is about a dollar an arrow. You can get everything you need to make good kid arrows from , Elkridge archery sells kids 1/4″ arrows and good quality youth bows. These tiny bows need tiny arrows to shoot good for the little ones. Your broken old arrows are just to heavy and big. You don’t shoot pick handles, so don’t make the kids shoot them either.

I am impressed with the Samick Angel bow and the package. It is a good starter kit to get kids off on the right foot. And it “LOOKS COOL” too to see a 3 year old with a nice looking real bow rather than a plastic toy bow and suction cup arrows. I guess these bows are toys, but I consider my bows as toys too.

I will caution you not to leave a 3 year old unsupervised with a bow and arrow.

I have no doubt that the Angel {Bows and Kids} can do some damage to Pets, Eyes and Walls etc. I expect that the arrows will stick into people too, however I am not going to test this. We need to supervise children with sharp objects.

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