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Goshawk Longbows Review

Goshawk Longbows Review by Pete Ward
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60″ D/R “Hunter” longbow 43# @ 28″
Zebra with Osage arc riser.
Zebra limbs with Osage core
Osage and Zebra riser and tip overlays.

This review is on the “Hunter” model Deflex/ Reflex longbow from Bob Zang, Goshawk longbows. The review bow I have is a 60″, 43# sweet shooting bow. Bobs workmanship is very good, and the clear glass he used on this bow is like a glass tabletop. It is bright and flawless. The Zebra veneers are striking to look at. The limbs are finished off with a very fine tip that is reinforced with matching Zebra and Osage like the Riser overlays making the Hunter fast flight ready.

The glue lines are very precise and tight, without fault. The bow is finished with a hand rubbed “True Oil” finish that is beautiful and very easy to touch up at home if needed. Some #0000 Steel wool and a can of Birchwood Casey “Tru oil” is all you need to repair any scratches you inflict on the bow. The grip is slightly dished and quite comfortable and it has shallow finger grooves on the backside.

Goshawk Recurve Bow Review Bob will make the grip to suit your needs if you ask. Personally I would like to have it a bit smaller, but this is my personal preference, and Bob will be happy to discuss the shape and size that you like. The bow I am reviewing was not built for me, it is a bow Bob made and was not happy with. It took a while to find the flaws he was worried about, but eventually I did see them. This bowyer is a bit too critical of his own work. He would not offer the bow for sale because there are a couple of imperfections that I had to search to find .One is a tiny check in the Osage that only can be seen in bright sun, with the bow held a certain way to the light. I am happy he decided to make it a review bow rather than sell it.

The arrow shelf is cut less than center, on this bow. It can be cut deeper if you wish, just ask. We discussed this and Bob normally keeps the shelf shallow, because this is how he likes his personal bows. It has nothing to do with strength; it is all about personal taste. Bob has informed me that he is also starting to use glass and or phenolic accent stripes in his future bows to add some extra reinforcing, and eye appeal. He has cut a new bow closer to center to try it and he likes the way it is more spine tolerant as well as how it shoots for him. I think we will now see more of his stock bows cut closer to center.

Shooting the Goshawk Hunter is a pleasant experience. It is one of the quietest bows I have shot. I like to have it braced at 7 1/4”, here it is at its best for a quality shot. The bow has a slight, feel to the after shot, that I have to mention, however it is so very light that it is insignificant, and hardly worth mentioning. But it is there and facts are facts. If I am not looking for it I don’t notice it. Other shooters have not mentioned any feel after the shot, so it must be insignificant. The Hunter arrived with a 16-strand, fast flight type string and the comments above were based on this string. However after thinking about this I changed the stock string to a 10 strand padded DF97 string and it is like a new bow. That feel I talked about is gone; the bow is quieter, and a bit quicker. Bob has informed me that he is now using 12 strands of 8125 with padded loops on his bows after trying a smaller string himself. DF97 and 8125 are my favorite choices in string materials.

Tuning a set of arrows was quick and easy. It likes a 29″ 35/45 Vapor with a 200-grain point, and a 29″ Heritage 90 with a 200 or 250-grain point for my 27″ draw.

I have been using the Hunter as an introductory bow to traditional shooting. Often I meet people at the lanes that are curious about longbows, and want to try one. The Hunter has been a big hit with them. One lady shot it for an hour and purchased a Trad bow that night. The next week she sold her compound. For a bow to convert someone that quickly it must be a nice bow to shoot. The others that have been trying a longbow for the first time are all delighted with the experience they had shooting it. I know it is the smooth feel of the draw, the quiet shot and overall nice shooting qualities that are winning them over to our side of archery.

Bob Zang our Bowyer is a hunter at heart, his bows are designed to be hunted and are crafted one at a time with the hunter in mind. The “Hunter” Longbow I am reviewing is a delight to carry and shoot. Its light weight lets it come up fast, and the smooth draw lets you anchor and shoot naturally. The bow is deadly quiet, leaving the possibility for a follow up shot if needed, {or a second shot because we forgot to pick a spot.}

There is something special about shooting a bow made by a man that puts his feelings and pride into each bow he builds. The Goshawk “Hunter” is full of Bobs pride and desire to hunt. I hope to harvest an animal with the “Hunter” when fall arrives. I am also looking forward to a few 3D rounds with the Hunter and plan to have it with me at the shoots I attend. Let me know if you are in the Edmonton area and want to try the Goshawk Hunter. I think you will like it.

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