Dedicated To The Outdoors

From The Editor July 2010

From The Editor - Kevin Gardner

Hot, hot, hot. That’s the word across most of the country in the recent weeks. Just keeping cool and finding an affordable form of recreation is on most people’s minds. It has really put the theory to the test about how visible wildlife gets during the summer months. With a large amount of people hitting the trails, the sounds, smells and commotion of summer are everywhere. Animals seem to get a complacency or habituation factor about them during these periods of oppressive heat. Much the way they react to people in the winter months when conservation of precious food energy is a priority.

For the most part animals are more approachable, not to insinuate that approaching them is wise, but they are much more attainable to view when the temperature is uncomfortable. The biggest difference is that during the summer, food is not scarce and the concern for running an animal to death by following it and burning it’s hard to replace food energy is not a concern. Much the way the things are done in Africa, a waterhole is an ideal place to set up camp for the day under a shade tree, at a safe distance and take it all in. You may really be surprised how much you will see in the mid of the day and even more abundantly at dawn and dusk.

This is a great way to study behavior and even teach a young up and coming hunter the laws of nature and survival. On top of that, it is a great way to save a buck and have some quality time afield that will hold equally as many memories later when the amusement park day has faded into a distant recollection. Use the hot summer days to your advantage and as an excuse to get outside with a camera or just as time away. Summer scouting is equally as productive as late winter scouting without the inherent danger to the animals. So have at it while it lasts!

We hope you will enjoy the July issue of the Water and Woods Online Magazine. The folks who bring you the outdoors to your computer have really done it again. We have a great issue full of tips, suggestions and just plain fun reading. Please remember to cut us a little slack if the material is somewhat more abbreviated than normal, it is everyone’s summer and we would all rather be taking care of the long list of things we need to do or just being out enjoying ourselves and may minimize ourir conversation in print. None-the-less the material is great and we appreciate all the work and your loyalty to reading it. Enjoy the variety and the wisdom and have a safe and happy summer.