Dedicated To The Outdoors

From The Editor September 2010

From The Editor - Kevin Gardner

“Nature will bear the closest inspection. She invites us to lay our eye level with her smallest leaf, and take an insect view of its plain.”- Henry David Thoreau

Spring sprang, summer sizzled and fall enters like a rising, golden morning sun. What a great time to be alive in the woods. The next several weeks will be filled with change and activity, a time of vigor and a contrasting time of dying. This dichotomy seems to appeal to all of the senses at once, from excitement to reflection.

As sportsmen we will feel a cool morning breeze, enjoy the smell of the changing and falling leaves and be refreshed and excited by it. The amount of activity around us will be overwhelming, with squirrels rustling, rabbits gone in a flash, the sight of a rising ringneck with the sun beating on his rainbow coloring. Turkeys calling, elk bugling or the sight of a majestic ram on a distant outcropping will inspire us. All of this will be drawn from our deepest and most cherished outdoor memories that were likely nurtured by someone who took the time to teach us.

All of these things we choose to remove from this place with the flick of a safety or the nock of an arrow ultimately to create memories and enjoy what has been provided to us. This is the reflection time of which I refer. Take your time this fall to absorb it and etch it in your mind.

If you are blessed enough this fall to look at a set of smaller eyes seeing these things for the first time, give the moment the time it needs to make the same impact you received. A child or a new hunter making too much noise with shuffling feet or breaking a stick while walking is not the end of the world, but the wrong retribution could be the end of your legacy as a parent or mentor of the outdoors in these impressionable minds. Be patient, as though all that you love depends on you, because in reality they do.

Enjoy this time whether it be by rifle, bow or rod and reel, the important thing is that it does not pass you by alone.

Welcome to the fall 2010 issue of the Water and Woods Online Magazine. We are really excited about this issue because of the timing. These articles help ramp up the excitement of the fall time afield. We have a great mixed bag too, from how to pick the best pocket knife, to goose 101, dove nuggies deluxe, giant muskie trends and some mouth watering whitetail pictures from the gear review.

Like always the fun of it all is in making it happen for you and we want to thank the Authors again for their contributions and expertise. Enjoy the issue and have a safe and prosperous time afield.