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Online Magazine And Podcasting

For those who have followed our site update we have reached the plateau where all relevant material has been added back to the site. As we mentioned at the beginning of the update, to finalize the changes here at Water and Woods, we have published the latest issue of Water and Woods Online Magazine. Although our format is quite different, the quality and interaction of this project has reached new heights. You, as viewers and readers, now have the ability to interact with articles by leaving your comments. No registration is required. Our system is set to automatically purge comments with links so keep this in mind when commenting. You can also quickly find your favorite author’s material by visiting their online bio. Consequently you can also plug your favorite authors feed into a feed reader and receive notice each time they add a new article. With that said, we welcome you to the November issue of our online magazine.

Another change that comes to Water and Woods during this update is the addition of another network website that offers our visitors the opportunity to listen to our podcast show. The podcast is being served from Todays Wilderness where a familar name to many of you, Kevin Gardner, is the host of the show. Each podcast will focus on the outdoors and we will offer each show here at Water and Woods and across several of our network websites.

The current podcast guest is James Bruner, for which many of you need no introduction. The podcast begins with an introduction to the sites the Water and Woods Network has to offer and carries through to Jim’s outdoor background before wrapping up the second half of the show with some deer hunting techniques and tips. The show also reaches into the mailbag to tackle some of the myths that surround deer hunting and reviews those myths from both a logical standpoint and an indepth reasoning as to why some deer hunting myths simply do not hold water.

Whatever your passion, whether it be the online magazine or a preference for the new addition to our podcasting show, we welcome you to the new Water and Woods.