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Trad Tech Pinnacle ILF

Trad Tech Pinnacle ILF by Pete Ward
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62″ 40# Wood/Glass limb
64″ 45# Wood/Glass limb

Riser description
Super Strong 19” Riser Crafted of Custom Hardwoods and Thick Phenolic Layers
• Custom–Made by Samick Exclusively for TradTech According to our Cooperative Design
• Features ILF (International Limb Fitting) System for Use with all ILF Limbs.
• Industry First, Beautiful Wood Riser to Accept ILF Limbs of Any Brand.
Riser weight 1.7 pounds

Original Pinnacle riser
Longbow and Recurve limbs
All Trad Tech limbs are FF compatible.

I have been shooting this bow for several weeks now and it is time to complete the Pinnacle review. This is an entry level three-piece bow that offers a choice of any recurve or longbow limbs that use the ILF type limb attachment. You are not locked into any one manufacturer, or style. The standard limbs that come with the Pinnacle are a wood/glass type that quickly changes without the use of tools.

I have a 40# set of recurve limbs and a set of 45# longbow limbs both in wood glass, and medium length that I will write a bit about in the review. The first ones to be used were the recurve limbs. These are Red Elm under clear glass and they have a very nice feel to draw. I set the tiller to “0” by adjusting the limb bolt and set the draw to be starting to stack at 27″. (It can be adjusted to move the stack to a longer draw length) These settings are optimal for my 27″ draw and shooting 3 under.

Shooting the recurve limbs was a surprise for me. I expected the bow to be loud, and in need of a lot of string silencing. I was wrong; all that is needed to make this a very quiet hunting bow is a small set of beaver balls. It has always been my observation that endless loop strings like the ones supplied were noisy, but on this bow they are not. Vibrations are not felt at all, the bow shoots very dead in the hand, and again it is very quiet.

The 19″ riser is made from laminated hardwood with phenolic and glass accent reinforcing. The grip is what I would call medium large size. I like the feel of the grip and seem to shoot it well with both the recurve and longbow limbs. The ILF limb mounting system is fast becoming popular with hunters today, but it is usually only found on the more expensive bows and target risers. To find it on an economical riser like the Pinnacle is a first for me. I like it, and hope to see this option available on more bows in the future.

The advantage with the ILF limb fit is you can choose a limb that is suited to your needs. Short draw shooters can choose a short limb to maximize the limbs potential at their draw length. And the shooter with a longer draw can choose from a medium or long length limb.

Tiller can be set to meet your shooting style, and draw weights are slightly adjustable. Limb alignment is also possible with the ILF system. We also have the ability to choose to upgrade to better quality limbs from the Top Olympic limb used by the world’s best or to simply get a few more pounds draw weight with the standard limb. If you decide to try longbow limbs they are also available, and easily change the Pinnacle to a longbow.

Trad Tech has a complete line of ILF limbs to suit any need, from the stock wood/glass, to an upgraded Carbon wood, and the top of the line Extreme BF limbs made for the Titan Riser. If you should decide that after upgrading the Pinnacle limbs you want to upgrade the riser, those limbs will fit the “Titan”, or any ILF riser. Trad Tech ILF wood glass limbs are marked for the proper weight on this 19″ riser. When using Olympic limbs from other brands you need to add about 6 pounds to the marked weight, as they are usually scaled for a 25″ target riser. Enough on ILF, I am sure by now you know I like the system..

Shooting this bow with the recurve limbs is a pleasant experience. The light weight 40# limbs make a 62″ bow that draws smooth and shoot without any vibrations, and noise is not a concern. I used 1 set of Beaver Ball silencers to achieve hunting silence on the 14 strand TS1 endless loop string that was supplied with the Pinnacle. This is one of the quietest recurve bows I have shot. The bow tuned easily and accuracy is better than I am capable of.

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