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CZ Ringneck SxS

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I just recently purchased a CZ Ringneck SxS 20 ga shotgun made by Huglu in Turkey. I first saw the gun at a local gun show in Philly. I didn’t purchase it there as I wanted to check prices on the net. I have to say that I was very much impressed with the gun. It has 28 in tubed (5) barrels, single trigger with shell extractors and prince of Wales (Birds Head) grip. It also has false color case hardened side plates.

The wood to metal fit is very good and more than that, the gun handles very well. I’m very much impressed with the gun along with the price which was $750. I do believe that this gun is one of the best buys on the market. It certainly has it all over the Russian imports.

So far I’ve shot 5 rounds of skeet and 2 rounds of trap with no problems what so ever.

welcome to the site, though i have not heard of this gun, because i primarliy bow hunt it sounds like a nice one to own, and the price does not sound bad for all that it has.If you can post a picture of your gun, i think we all would like to see it.

Doc Wild
Hey Craz,
Doc here, Habitat and Wildlife Management PhD. At your service. Lots of good folks here, take advantage of what the site has to offer and like Bowhunter said, share. We all like to see the new toys and enjoy them with you. Hit us with a pic.
glad to have ya.
Doc Wild

We got some Ringnecks around here that should be introduced to your new Shotgun.
Sounds like a nice one.

Welcome to the site Crazy Horse. Not familiar with that particular firearm myself but sounds like a dandy.

Send me a pic if you want and I’ll get it posted here for these guys to drool over

Look forward to your particpation on the forums and again, welcome to the site. Your support of the outdoors is greatly appreciated.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to this forum, and thanks for the warm welcome. The reason for the delay in replying was that I head up a Youth Field Day event in Philadelphia. The event is hosted at my shooting club and I had a lot of loose ends to tie up and bring together these last few days. The event was all day yesterday and was a success even though we had some shortcomings and people failures on our part. The kids (of course) were great and were no problem at all. We hosted about 115 kids and their parents. I always try to get the Moms to do some shooting. It really helps to dispell what seems to be women’s dislike for any kind of gun thing. Surprizingly the women like the 20 ga skeet shooting. And, some of the Moms are pretty darn good at it considering it’s the first time they’ve ever fired a shotgun. (and they look pretty too.)

Hoping not be be too much off topic, but if there’s a Youth Field Day activity in your area or club I’m sure any volenteerism on your part would be GREATLY appreciated. Believe me it’s a monumental task to make a YFD event a hit.

I took some digitals of the “Ringneck” shotgun and when my daughter gets up and about I’ll send them to you for posting.

OK, here are the photos I took of the CZ Ringneck 20ga shotgun. Note the “Greener” cross bolt.

Crazy Horse, thats a great topic to share. It’s always great to hear about the kids.
Very handsome looking shotgun there.

Pennsylvania has a Game Commission sponsored program although it is primarily run by groups. It is my opinion that there atre too many gray beards in the woods and fields and we need to lure more youth into our sports. This program gives kids who would otherwise never get an opportunity to shoot a firearm or cast a line an opportunity to give it a try.

Sounds like a darn good program.