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Trailing Wounded Deer

Trailing Notes: The most common mistake bowhunters make is following a deer too quickly after the shot and spooking it when the leave their stand. On average, 90% of all fatally hit deer bed down at least once within 150 yards from the shot. In general, when following a blood trail that extends 250 yards before the deer beds down you are most likely in for a long track. Use your best judgement and re-evaluate the shot. You may want to wait before continuing.

A common practice for many novice hunters is to bring a lot of people when tracking a deer. By bringing those who are most qualified you will disturb less sign that may be minimal to begin with.

Everyone knows an arrow covered in bright red blood with bubbles is a lung shot. But how many people can tell anything else?

Keep this in mind: Dark red blood means a liver hit.
A shot in the leg produces blood that appears watered down.
Fibrous residue or a fowl odor on the arrow means a paunch shot deer.
Bright red with pinkish tint means an artery was hit.
And last but not least a small stat. It is estimated that 75% of all deer that are wounded but never recovered will survive.