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Water And Woods Update

As you have noticed the update of our site has begun. No need to fret if things look somewhat sparse at the moment as we have a lot of information to migrate into the system.

Material will be pulled into the new site in categories. For example, we will begin by bringing in the top 10 conversations from our forum. After that we will begin posting areas like the recipe sections, downloads, whitetail wallpaper area, etc. Each section will be published in it’s entirety. Bear in mind some of these sections will take longer to publish due to their size.

Our plans at this point are to bring back the article section last as we would like to have those spend more time on the homepage and that section will also contain the latest edition of our online magazine.

Lot’s of work ahead folks so please be patient. If you have any comments feel free to post them below. We will monitor the comment areas more closely than our email accounts while we are in the re-building phase. And, on the note of an open comment area, we will also closely monitor any abuse of this feature. If it gets out of hand or becomes a problem we will simply close that option.

We will keep this topic updated using our comment feature which can be seen by scrolling further down this page.


  1. admin
    September 20, 2008    

    We have published the previous 10 most popular coversations from our forum and what was once our hunting tips and animal information pages. We will continue with our fishing tips and info section before moving on to the recipe sections which, for those who are interested, will be consolidated into sections.

  2. admin
    September 22, 2008    

    Fishing tips and info section has been added to the site. Also, all the recipes have been published. Note, the recipes have been categorized into related sections. Next we will publish the downloads area.

  3. admin
    October 3, 2008    

    Our submitted articles section will be finished this weekend. From that point we will create categories and begin pulling in our staff authors sections.

    Also please take note that we are utilizing news from our Outdoor News website and DeerFever. You can find those latest updates in the far right-hand column on each page. These will rotate on various pages to supply a variety of news topics. We will also be writing news editorials once this update has been completed.

  4. admin
    November 14, 2008    

    The site update has been completed with the exception of our online photo gallery. We have been debating whether or not to bring this feature back. Currently we are testing a format for a secure gallery to display all of our previous photos.