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Puglisi Peanut Butter

Puglisi Peanut Butter by Jason Akl
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This special baitfish imitation is another of Enrico Puglisi’s great creations. We assume that the Peanut Butter got its flashy name due to the fact that fish world-wide just can’t seem to pass it up. Jacks, Snook and sea trout, and just about everything that swims and has teeth seem to eat these flies with reckless abandon. One of the real keys to the Peanut Butter’s great success is that it imitates many of the small and important baitfish that big predator fish seek out. Cast this fly long and hold on tight because it won’t take more than a few seconds to get attention from fish.

Tie this fly in sizes 4 – 1/0 while also tying in a wide variety of colors to match specific baitfish.

Materials Used in the Peanut Butter

Hook: Daiichi Salt Water Hook Size 4
Thread: White Uni- Thread 6/0
Body: Puglisi EP Ultimate Fibers
Eyes: Spirit River Molded Eyes
Gills: Orange Hareline Dubbing

Step 1. Start this fly by placing your hook into the vice and securing in place tightly. Attach the thread behind the hook eye and wrap down the hook shank until you reach the middle of the hook shank. Tie in one bunch of white Puglisi Ultimate Fibers on to the top of the hook shank. Comb this tail out with a fine bristled brush and remove any hairs that are tangles or not blending together.

Step 2. Add another bunch of white Puglisi Ultimate Fibers to the top and to the bottom of the hook shank. Comb and clean these two new bunches of fibers as you did the first. In front of this white body form a dubbing loop with your thread and insert a pinch of orange dubbing. Spin this loop until you have made tight dubbing rope, then wrap this rope around the hook shank. Pull the orange fibers down and take a few turns of thread in front of this dubbing to keeping it in place on the bottom side of the hook shank.

Step 3. Clip six inch sections of white Puglisi Ultimate Fibers and tie them to the hook as you did earlier, alternating between the top and the bottom of the hook shank. Once finished build a neat small head for the fly. Whip finish and cement the thread.

Step 4. Comb the fly out completely, blending all the Puglisi Ultimate Fibers together. Remove any fibers that will not matt together and then proceed to attach the 3D eyes to each side of the body.

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