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Titan Recurve Bow Review

Titan Recurve Bow Review by Pete Ward
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60″ 45# Carbon Extreem BF Medium Recurve limbs
{Description from Trad Tech site}
• Simply the Best Quality, Most Accurate Recurve Bow Money Can Buy
• Accepts TradTech and All ILF Recurve Limbs for Ultimate Accuracy and Versatility
• CNC Machined 17” Billet 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum to Aerospace Tolerances
• 17” Riser Creates a 58”, 60” or 62” Bow from Short, Medium or Long ILF Carbon Limbs
• Multi–Grip Platform Accepts Dozens of Custom or Factory Grips to Allow Perfect Fit for You
• Weight, Tiller and Lateral Limb Adjustments Allow Perfect Settings for Your Custom Set–Up

• Certified Alignment, Tiller and Weight +/– 1# on Every Custom Bow Set–Up with TradTech Limbs
• Threaded Holes for Sight, Quiver, Stabilizer, Multi–Rest and Multi–Grip
• Bow Includes Top Quality Hi–Performance Flemish Twist Traditional Bowstring
• Black Anodized Non–Glare Finish and Custom Laser Etched Walnut Inlays
• Limb Options: TradTech CarbonWood ILF Limbs with Traditional Wood/Clear Glass Finish. TradTech Carbon Extreme BF Limbs with Carbon Crossweave Under Satin Clear Finish.
• Does NOT Include Plunger or Arrow Rest.
{Limb description from trad tech site}
• Extreme Engineering & Materials for the Quickest, Most Stable ILF Limb Possible at Any Price
• Custom–Made by Samick, Crafted from 2 Types of Carbon with Bakelite and Foam Dual Core
• Features ILF (International Limb Fitting) System for Use in the TradTech Titan or Any ILF Riser
• Carbon Crossweave Clear Finish, Dark Brown Limb Base
• Yellow Jacket Limb Tips are Fastflight/High Performance Bow String Compatible
• Available in 58” (Short), 60” (Medium) or 62” (Long) Lengths
• Draw Weights of 40 to 65# at 28″

The Titan Metal Riser recurve is a bow that I like more every time I shoot it. I was never a metal riser fan until now. The Titan is converting me fast; however at -30 next fall I will have to re-think this. The limbs I have for this review are medium length Trad Tech /Samick Extreme BF. I set the tiller on the Titan to zero for shooting 3 under, and set the draw to be optimal at my 27″ draw length.

The Titan has the ILF limb fitting system that is used on the top Olympic style bows and some of the custom bows available today. It is a new system that most of us are not familiar with, and I like it. We don’t need wrenches to install the limbs, they slip in and are secure. Draw weight is adjustable to about 4# and we can tailor the bow to our needs by simply turning the limb bolt up or down. Limb alignment is also adjustable, and we can use limbs from any of the manufacturers that make ILF limbs. Trad Tech also has Carbon-Wood Recurve limbs available and Wood Glass limbs in both longbow and recurve. I am reviewing the Titan with the Extreme BF carbon limb.

Lately my shooting has been off, however I seem to have good and bad days. On the good days I shoot the Titan very well as long as my mind does not wander too far. I am finding it to be very accurate and with the target arrows it is fast, very fast. The 16 strand TS1 endless loop string it came with is what I normally think of as a noisy string, but on the Titan it is very quiet. I have only one small set of Beaver balls on it for silencing. This is all it needs for a hunting quiet bow. The typical recurve string slap is not heard like we hear on so many recurves. The Titan, set up the way I have it is as quiet as most longbows are and even quieter than many. It is ready to hunt without any more silencing.

This brings us to the issue of hand shock. There is absolutely no hand shock, buzz or any other hand feeling when we release the string with light or heavy arrows.

The riser is drilled and tapped for a plunger and elevated rest, however I prefer to shoot off the shelf and have a shim of aluminum on the shelf and plate covered with velcro to let me shoot this way. Many prefer an elevated rest, but I got away from these when I started to shoot traditional bows and will not change. You have the choice to set it up the way you like.

I expected it to be an adjustment going to a heavy riser. The extra mass weight the Titan has did not take any adjustment from me, the bow just settles into my hand and remains stable. I don’t seem to have the normal wandering before anchor I am accustomed to with those light weight bows I like so much.

As spring is almost here I can not wait to take this bow to the outdoor ranges and 3D courses. I fully expect my scores to improve with it. Shooting fast arrows is not new to me, but being able to shoot very light arrows within warranty from a traditional bow is. The Titan with the Extreme BF limb can be shot as low as 5GR/Pound. I will have to settle for a 280 gr. as my light target arrow this summer. Distance estimation should be less of an issue at unknown distances this year. The arrows I use for hunting with the Titan will be over 600 grains. It is fun to try to see these arrows fly.

Pinnacle Left and Titan Right

For the budget minded shooter that wants to try an ILF style bow there is a review of the Trad Tech Pinnacle, a link is provided.

I would like to see a shelf and side plate Shim kit of some sort included with this bow for those of us that do not want to shoot off an elevated rest. Because the riser is machined I can see no reason why it can not have a radius cut into the shelf, which would make it even easier to set up the bow for off the shelf shooting. I will be trying a flemish twist 10 strand DSF97 string later on when I get one made. It should be even quieter, and quicker. It will look better, that I am sure of.

To sum up this review, I have not found anything other than the shelf and string I would like to change. The bow is a top end shooter and it is certainly going to be sought after. For those that already have ILF limbs you can purchase the riser separate and mount your existing limb on it for a rock solid 17″ dual target and hunting bow. Trad Tech has done an excellent job designing this bow, and Samick has also done their part right. I like it and plan to be shooting it a lot more this year, both hunting and at the range. It will be with me for a test drive this year at any of the 3D shoots I attend. Just say hi and ask for a turn.

Shooting the Trad Tech Titan has changed my opinion of metal riser bows. I no longer think of metal riser bows as too heavy, loud and a bow I would not shoot. In fact I have ordered a metal riser for another bow I have since I started shooting the Titan. The metal riser Titan has won me over.

The cold on the hands part is still in question, and my love of wood risers built by hand will never change. They are special. I do like machined metal risers now.

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