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Steve Scott On Food Plotting

Steve Scott, Vice President of the Whitetail Institute of North America, joins Todays Wilderness Podcast host Kevin Gardner for a 48 minute conversation that spans the history and growth of the Whitetail Institute as well as many food plotting techniques.

The first portion of the podcast deals with the growth and the very humble beginnings of this fantastic business. As Steve says, “In the late 80’s, we use to have to explain what a food plot was. Literally.” That alone speaks volumes towards the growth of the business as now brand names like Whitetail Imperial Clover are common verbiage in today’s food plotting circles.

In the second segment of the podcast Steve and Kevin reach out to the listeners to convey the importance of food plot preparation and the potential to reach your expected or desired goals when sewing the seeds of your food plot. Scott goes on to create an important reminder to the listeners, “If people are going to do food plots the #1 thing they need to remember to do is they need to do a soil test.” As noted in the podcast the soil is where the work should begin to ensure the full potential of their product and meet the requirements of the local deer herd.

In the third segment of the show Steve drops a bit of insight on some new products that will be available in the near future and the continued development of their expanding line of food plot products.

For those of you who are interested in either food plots or deer hunting this will be a great show you don’t want to miss. You can download the entire podcast of Steve and Kevin from our Media Center or this direct link. For those who would rather stream the podcast, or view the specifics of the show, please visit Todays Wilderness for more information.