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The Harvest Master Longbow

The Harvest Master Longbow by Pete Ward
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The “Harvest Master” longbow by Hill Country Bows is a very eye catching longbow that is easy to like. This is a 60″ model we are reviewing that is marked 49# at 28″, made with Camo actionwood and Bamboo cores. It draws very nice and shoots quietly without anything on the string. It is silenced with a small set of silencers and arrows weighing over 500 grains. There is also no hand-shock felt at all.

Roman’s workmanship is as impeccable as we have come to expect from Amish Craftsmen. There are no flaws to be found, in the fit, finish and every glue line is perfect. His selection of a bias camo cut lamination of actionwood for the limbs is simply beautiful as well as a very functional camo. Often camo limbs are a poor imitation of branches, leaves etc, however this is a beautiful wood blend that disappears into its surroundings, yet still has lots of eye candy appeal around camp or at the range.

The Tiller is for split shooting, at +1/4″, however I shoot 3 under and it is shooting very well for me this way.

Since receiving the “Harvest Master” a couple months ago I have taken it to several events for others to try and also have shot some 3D rounds with it. Although I did not compete with this bow I have no problem equaling my average scores with it.

The typical feedback I get usually mentions the smoothness, and shock free shot, ease of shot placement, and always mentions the workmanship and how quiet the bow shoots.

The Bow is light to carry, and the grip is one that settles into my hand consistently. Shooting it with normal to heavy weight hunting arrows is a silent and pleasant experience. This is a bow that seems to grow on me the more I shoot it. I have several bows like this that I cannot put a finger on what quality draws me back to them.

The Harvest Master is a bow that seems to do everything we want very well. It shoots very accurately for me, is silent, shock or vibration is not there at all. Performance wise it is quite good, but not a barn burner. The looks are great, but as I said earlier there is not one thing that makes me like it so much, it is how good it is in everything that makes me like it so much.

I have to comment again on the very eye appealing Camo limbs. They are a natural looking blend of the actionwood that melts into the surrounding bush with a blink of the eye. The non glare finish is perfect and suits the bows hunting heritage.

I like this bow enough that I intend to be hunting with it this fall.

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