The BC Special Mini Revolver

The BC Special Mini Revolver by Lyndon Combs
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It fits in the palm of your hand, fits in any pocket, and is the ultimate in ultra concealed carry weapons. These little handguns that you can literally hold in your fist without it being seen are made one at a time by hand in Tennessee with every attention given to quality from heat treated stainless steel.

These are not meant to be duty carry weapons, but a concealed gun that you can pack where you can’t other weapons. It also makes a great little snake gun for hunters, and hikers when loaded with CCI shot shells.

When I first got the BC Special the first thing I noticed was the size, and the fact that this little revolver holds five .22 magnum rounds which is more than enough power to get someone off of you, and save your life. I am surprised that you can have a small five shot revolver that literally is easier to carry, and conceal than many large knives that you would carry for back up.

BC Special Mini 22 Caliber Revolver

These little guns have a really smooth strong action that can take a great deal of abuse. I have tested the sample gun that I have in every way imaginable to find that it can handle being packed around in a purse, or any backpack.

The accuracy is actually surprising as well when kept in reasonable range. IF you are looking for a small weapon to pack concealed you will not find any better bet than the BC Special Mini Revolver.

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