Dedicated To The Outdoors

The Sledge, Wedge and the Electric Fence

“What ya mean Bobby Dale?” Bubba asked in a nervous voice.

“Ya for sure need a doctor. Ya got a cut ’bout six inches long, with some bone ‘er somethang a stickin’ out. Course, this heah job don’t pay no medical cov’rage. You wanna go see old doc Myers in Newburg? That’s the closest place. Course, I gotta stop the bleeding first. Bubba? Bubba, what do ya want to do son?” Bobby Dale looked up only to find Bubba had passed out.

“Granny call the dawgs, Bubba’s diein’ on me. Lordy, Lordy, what do I do now? I gotta stop the bleeding and ‘mobilze the injury. I’ll do just like they taught me in the Army back in 1968!” Bobby Dale spoke to himself in a loud and excited voice.

“Can you heah me Bubba?”

Bubba heard a voice, but he felt sleepy and confused. He wanted to open his eyes, but he wasn’t able to do so. He wasn’t sure where he was, but it had bright lights, he could tell that even with his eyes closed.

“It will take him a few minutes to wake up, but he’ll be okay now.” The unknown voice spoke once more.

Bubba slowly opened his right eye just a little. Then, he opened the left. After a few minutes he was able to fully open both eyes and keep them open. He was in Doctor Myers’ office.

“Bubba, you were in a logging accident and had a slight injury to your leg. Do you remember that happening?” Doc Myers asked as he looked closely at Bubba’s eyes with a small flashlight.

“Yea, that dang wedge flung up and hit my shin. Last I ‘member was Bobby Dale a-tellin’ me I might not make it.”

“I didn’t say no such thang,” Bobby Dale protested, now embarrassed that he had lost his composure.

With a loud chuckle Doctor Myers patted Bubba on the back and said, “Well, you were never in any danger of leaving us Bubba. However, your leg is broken and you have a nasty cut. I have sewed up the cut and placed a cast on the leg. I want you take it easy for the next couple of weeks.”

“A couple of weeks! Doc, how am I gonna work? How am I gonna pay the bills?” Bubba almost screamed.

“Can’t be helped Bubba. You can’t work in this condition. It would only compound the injury and maybe lead to other problems. Now, roll over on your belly for me like a nice guy.”

“Have you lost your mind?”

Doc Myers gave a loud laugh and said, “No, I have not lost my mind, Bubba. I am going to have to give you a couple shots. One is an antibiotic and the other is for tetanus.”

“Shots!” Bubba just got the word out when he passed out once more.

Later than evening as he watched wrestling on the telly-vision with a cold sweet tea, he heard a knock and saw Bobby Dale come in the living room. Bobby held his ball cap in his hands like he was visiting a hospital or funeral home.

“Bubba, I am sorry ya got hut today. I brung over the money ya got comin’ for the time ya put it. I dee-cided not to dock ya fer the late start. So, heah, ya can count it.” Bobby Dale handed Bubba some bills and change.

“Bobby, how much money is here?” Bubba asked as he accepted the cash, slowly took a drink of his tea, and winced in make-believe pain.

“Five dollars and thirty-three cents.”

“Why thank ya Bobby. That will just pay fer a six-pack of cola’s and some chips.”

“Bubba, I know it ain’t much, but I’m a man of my word,” Bobby smiled a crooked smile as he spoke.

“That ya shore are Bobby Dale. Now, don’t tell me ya came all the way over heah to give me this cash?”

“Well, not ‘zackly Bubba. See, I got a job lined up for the two of us that ya can do with a broke leg. So we can both make some money.”

“Last job ya gave me almost killed me Bobby Dale. What is it this time, drivin’ a race car?”

“Nope, a very simple and well payin’ job Bubba. Heck far, even ya and me can do ‘er fast and easy. The job is with old lady Cisco.”

“I didn’t ask ya who it was with Bobby Dale, I asked you what the job was.”

“All we have to do is string about a quarter mile of ‘lectic fence around her six bulls. I figure it shouldn’t take more than a day and the job pays forty-eight dollars a piece.”

“Well, old son, that all sounds just dandy to me. Get a couple cola’s outta the fridge and let me discuss this ‘lectric fence strangin’ with ya. Did I ever tell ya how experienced I am in ‘lectrical stuff? Why, the last time I strung ‘lectric fence I only burned up an acre of woods,” Bubba lied as he moved his leg onto the ottoman.

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