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Garys contributions to each issue of the online magazine can be found in two forms. First we have the Survival side of the matter where he brings us in-depth information for safety and survival in the outdoors. On the flip side Gary also writes the humor section for each issue where you’re sure to be entertained.

Some of Gary’s previous works have been First Aid And You, Bubbas New Boat, For Goodness Snakes, and Simple Survival Shelters, which can all be found in the article archive.

About The Author:
Gary L. Benton, a.k.a., “W.R. Benton” has previously authored twelve books, fiction, non-fiction and Southern Humor. Such notable authors as, Matt Braun, Stephen Lodge, Don Bendell, and many others have endorsed his work. His survival book, “Simple Survival, a Family Outdoors Guide,” is a Silver Award Winner from the Military Writers Society of American. Additionally, this book was added to the prestigious Estes Park Library in Colorado.

Gary is a retired United States military senior non-commissioned officer. He is a graduate of a number of U.S. Air Force Survival Schools, including Arctic, Water (Sea and Ocean), Mountain, and Jungle survival schools. He spent twelve years teaching parachuting techniques and survival skills to Air Force aircrew members as a Life Support Instructor. Sergeant Benton retired from the military in 1997 with over twenty-six years of active duty.

Mister Benton is a member of the Western Writers of America, American Authors Association, Military Writers Society of America, Southern Humorists Group, and the Mississippi Wildlife Federation.

To learn more about this author we invite you to read his survival or humor columns in each issue of our online magazine or visit his website for a personal view.

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