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My Early Morning Walk

My Early Morning Walk by Jon Bryan
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At least 3 times a week I get up before the sun comes up and take a one and a half mile walk. This is part of the conditioning program for my Senior Softball efforts and last week I was rewarded with one of the most unusual sights that I could imagine.

Cruising down the county road that is on the north side of my ranch, I noticed movement off to my left. Looking over, I saw a doe lying down and called out to her, “Good morning Deer!”, it was then I noticed a tiny fawn, still shiny from birth. As I walked along, I looked back and said, “Well, good morning Momma!”

Being only half way through my walk, I hurried as much as I could. On the way back I noticed the fawn was still there, but the doe had moved back into the heavy brush. When I got back to the ranch house, I got my camera and drove slowly back to get a picture of the fawn, and hopefully the doe. The little guy, spotted coat and all, is tucked away in the heavy grass.

Driving on into town and picking up Colton, my Grandson, who was participating in the local high school’s summer weight program, I told him about the fawn and he was anxious to see it. So we drove to the spot and I took this picture of the little guy, on very wobbly legs, trying to get through the fence.

Noticing movement to my right and looking over, I saw yet another fawn, a twin I thought to myself. This one was in the long grass, but I was able to get a picture of it as it remained still and was well hidden!

Just think, I almost got to watch these two fawns being born!

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