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Jon is a fifth generation Texan and retired from the mainframe computer business in 2005 to his ranch in Mills County, Texas, outside of the small town of Goldthwaite. The ranch is almost “smack dab” in the middle of the fine state of Texas and could be “Any Small Town, USA”. A great place to live, raise kids and enjoy all the wonders of the beautiful outdoors.

Shortly after retirement, he began a second career as a writer. His original project was to write a book tracing his family’s history in our country from the 1600’s to the present, but got sidetracked when his family; lovely wife Layla, 2 sons, 2 daughters and 10 Grandkids wanted him to record all of his outdoor adventures.

The adventures are true and span from the 1940’s to the present day and, as a bonus, some interesting tales from his family’s colorful history. His family includes Pastors, Texas Rangers, lawyers, Doctors, Judges, Congressmen, teachers, salesmen, executives, career military and professional athletes and has proudly served our country during all of its wars, including the Revolutionary War.

Jon is a member of the Sons Of Confederate Veterans and a Life Member of the National Rifle Association and besides his writing and his ranch activities, still actively plays Senior Softball. His team has won National Championships in 2003 and 2004 and Jon is a member of the Texas Senior Softball Hall of Fame and the Softball Players Association Hall of Fame.

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