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Petes contributions to the online magazine are found primarily in the form of independant gear reviews from various merchants in a large variety products. Some of the authors previous reviews include Van Gorkam Stalker Boots, Massie M 3 Piece Recurve, and the Alequa Kids Bow, to name just a few.

About The Author:
Pete is a native of New Brunswick where he spent most of his time until his teen years when his travels lead him to Alberta where he now resides. His journeys across Canada have brought him across the country several times including High Arctic and a short stay in Kenya East Africa.

Growing up there had always been the admiration and respect for the outdoors as he reflects back to his youngest days of shooting an old 25 pound Fred Bear longbow complete with 3 wooden arrows and Bodkin heads as well as woodcock hunting with a single shot 44-410 alongside his father. The small game he hunted back then may have been safe for the most part but things changed as he began to fine-tune his hunting skills.

As a member of the Alberta Bowhunters Association, Alberta Traditional Bowhunters Association, and the Sherwood Park Archery Club, Pete has many opportunities to work with people to help them along with their own outdoor endeavors and relays the fact that diving into the world of traditional archery has really put the hunt back into the sport. He strives to make himself and others become more efficient in the outdoors while keeping the aspect of fair chase and continuing the focus that the hunt isnt all about harvesting an animal each time you step into the woods.

Petes interest in reviewing gear became evident when he took a closer look at how the market was flooded with numerous claims from celebrities and manufacturers touting their praise for each endorsement of the almighty dollar rather than the product itself. This spawned an independant action to review gear and produce many do-it-yourself documents to help aid those people looking to be more self sufficient without the high costs of marketing through royalties and endorsements.

To learn more about this author we invite you to read his column in each issue of our online magazine or visit his website for a personal view.

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